Digitalized Education

 2018 Jul 26 Admin

Digitalized education unlike past where in order to learn something people needed to attend classes at a designated time and visit library and learn from limited resources. In this era of technology, people can learn everything at ease at one’s convenience anywhere at any time. Today there are millions of learning material available at ones finger point free of cost which includes textbooks, videos, audio files and many more, which has drastically changed how people learn. Even academic institutions have digitalized their learning materials as it makes learning effective and efficient for both teachers and learners alike. As internet facilities is getting in the hands of more and more people, more people are able to access learning materials at ease. Smart class have also filled the education environment bringing e-learning and interactive learning for enhanced learning experience. Even exams are being conducted digitally which gives accurate result faster in real time. The use of traditional teaching combined with digitalized learning material is one way that brings best of both world in the field of education.


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    I am clearly i support with the trump's decision.

    2018 Jul 30

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